The Sighted



















The Sighted (To See), black, 2013

Lithographic print, framed
​ 34 x 26 inches

“To see is an intimate act recognizing that the one outside of oneself is different and
at the same time very like oneself”.

Alternating flat black and graphite black inks distinguish consecutive words. Shifting readability depends on lighting and viewer movement across the print.

The texts of The Sighted series come from one of the many artist journals I have been scribbling ideas in for years. Many of my writings question sight – insight, hindsight, foresight and one’s ability to see, to recognize what is there to be seen. The capacity I am speaking of has as much to do with identity as with a phenomenology of knowing. It is a human capacity always full with potential.

Formally this work is made difficult to read. The act of reading, seeing becomes very physical and intentional for the reader. The font, ENGRAVERS MT, is as serious as ancient etched tablets. The typography is run on, no spaces between words. The words alternate between two slightly alternating tones of ink that minimally distinguish each word from the one next to it.