Come Closer, 2019
Archival inkjet prints, triptych
40” x 30” each (dimensions variable)
To be read with a flashlight.
Edition 5

This project was supported by a WORD award – Bruce Geller Memorial Prize – program of the American Jewish University’s Institute for Jewish Creativity.

Come Closer is a triptych of prints intended to be challenging to read. The work asks the reader to take time, to focus carefully in following a flashlight beam across words that appear and disappear in shadow. The text appearing in blue and shadow blue is edited and recomposed from A Foreigner Carrying in the Crook of His Arm a Tiny Book, by Edmond Jabes, which explores identity of the foreigner. The text appearing in orange is from statements by recent refugee status people seeking asylum globally.

This work extends the recent project Welcome the Stranger, commissioned by Open City Festival, Lublin, Poland, 2019, created in collaboration with Louise Steinman (see RELATED).


XI OPEN CITY Festival of Art in Public Space, Lublin, Poland
Showcasing contemporary art in urban space as an integral part of everyday urban reality. Hospitality versus Hostility in Lublin’s History and Contemporary Global Cultures
September 13 – October 12, 2019

Welcome the Stranger is created for the Open City Festival, Lublin, Poland, an ancient city with complex political and cultural histories. Welcome the Stranger is an urban installation, performance and social engagement project that reflects principles of...
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