Who Did It (alert), 2013-2015

Who Did It (alert) makes simple words complex to read. The act of reading and seeing becomes very physical as the reader is challenged to experience the text directly and closely. The font, ENGRAVERS MT, is chosen for its classical ancient connotations. From page top to page bottom the text is printed in gradient colour saturation to disappear at page bottom. The 5 prints mimic the 5 colours of Homeland Security Advisory System instituted in the USA in 2002.

Who did it? Who caused it? Who ordered it to be done? Who proposed it?
Who supported it? Who defined it? Who defended it? Who justified it?
Who applauded it? Who profited from it? Who obscured it? Who denied it?
Who covered it up? Who knew about it but did nothing?
Who chose to remain silent?

Series of 3 prints – green – blue – red
Archival pigment, Hahnemuhle rag paper
​ 40 x 30 inches

Series of 3 prints – yellow – orange – red
Archival pigment, Hahnemuhle rag paper
​ 40 x 30 inches



HINGE PARALLEL | January 11 – March 1, 2014

"Dorit Cypis' work at Hinge Parallel plays textually with font, layout and color to confound reading, comprehension of seeing, self-knowledge, and being witness.
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