Perceptual, formal, philosophical and experiential critical thinking; psycho-social, historical, and physical context assessment; meaning assessment of visual signs and image; recognition of psychological patterns of perception and details of form; recognize uncertainty and change as essential; imagine and design new forms.

Photography, moving image, multimedia/sound, projection, props for immersive installation, performance, writing, forms of social participation.

Community Building
Build trust and group relations, develop networks across diverse populations; partner to share resources, guide with principals of equity, reciprocity, and empathy.

Needs assessment for holistic and collaborative guidance of civic, cultural, and educational organizations.

Dialogue Facilitation
Design and facilitate holistic dialogue formats across differences and conflict for a wide variety of civic and community groups.

Curriculum design exploring aesthetics, art, representation, identity, social dynamics, and conflict engagement at colleges and universities across the US and internationally; trainings for civic, cultural and educational groups.

Mediation of civil rights, personal, and business conflict between parties, utilizing skills of trust building, dynamic listening, reframing conflict stories; questioning bias; assessing personal interests, cultural difference and capacity of each party; developing empathy, negotiating options, and writing an agreement.

Somatic Awareness
Grounding and expanding awareness through focusing attention and breath through the body; restoring the mind to present time; interrupting judgment, shifting patterned reaction to thoughtful response.

Youth Advocacy
Supporting and guiding at-risk youth to develop self-expression and civic leadership.