Prelude_gallery10…a prelude to The Life of Life, 2012

Dorit Cypis
With magician Blake Applegate

In the Golden Age of Magic, magicians travelled the world to entertain
and brought back with them exotic affects of distant locations and cultures.

PØST Kamikaze
Thirty-one Exhibits July 1 – 31, 2012
July 17, 2012

Installation and Performance:
Bird feathers, embroidered wool fabric, B/W photograph, embroidered wool blanket, suitcase, original documents, deck of playing cards, table


The Life of Life is a performative work including “sleight of hand” tricks that continue the artist’s aesthetic exploration of the uncanny nature of history, movements within us and between us. The Life of Life is inspired by ineffable relationships between objects that have been left at the artist’s feet – five old, weathered, brown suitcases filled with six decades of snapshots and documents her family kept to frame life across the 20th Century, across many countries – constantly, incessantly, determinedly. Life is often filled with narrow escapes from the folds of history, much like the conjuring of sleight of hand.