Labyrinth at EPOCH
Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles
September 16, 2020, by Catherine Wagley

Amid Tensions, Dialogue for Change and Reform
2020, by Mark Ridley-Thomas

The Best of Walker Reader 2018
January 4, 2019, by Paul Schmeltzer

The Art of Direct Action: Social Sculpture and Beyond
Sternberg Press
Spring 2019, by Cara Jordan

Performance Scores and Instructions for the Midterm Elections
October 31, 2018, by Matt Stromberg

Canadian Conceptual Art Pioneer Remembers All the Names He Has Known
Vancouver Sun, British Columbia
October 29, 2018, by Kevin Griffin

Peacebuilding Through an Artist’s Perspective
Mediators Beyond Borders International
2018, by Dyvia Sugand

The Inevitable Cannibalization of Institutional Critique: Surveying Michael Asher and Christopher D’Archangelo
April 20, 2017, by Hyunjee Nicole Kim

Praxis Interview Magazine
WYBC Yale Radio
June 30, 2017, by Brainard Carey

You May Add or Subtract From the Work

ARTFORUM, Critics Picks
April 2017, by Travis Deihl

32 Artists Consider the Privileges and Burdens of American Citizenship
January 5, 2017, by Hyunjee Nicole Kim

Partner Post-Kulture Klub Collaborative
Youthlink MN/Kulture Klub Collaborative
October 20, 2016, by Crystal Brinkman

Day of Dialogue, Community Policing
LA Sentinal
August 3, 2016, by Charlene Muhammad

Understanding Conflict Through Art
Neon Tommy, USC: Annenberg Digital News
November 11, 2014, by Judy Cai

The Very Eye of the Night at Jancar Gallery
Culture Monster, Los Angeles Times
July 3, 2012, by Holly Myers

‘Rethinking Borders’: Urging both sides to an understanding
Los Angeles Times
November 7, 2011, by Reed Johnson

Supernatural at Jancar Gallery
Culture Monster, Los Angeles Times
August 20, 2010, by Christopher Knight

Dorit Cypis and Hildegard Duane at Jancar Gallery
August 2009, by Clayton Cambell

The Region of Unlikeness
Spring 2008, by Matias Viegener

New ways to see, as with ‘Galileo’
Los Angeles Times
October 10, 2008, by Sharon Mizota

Department of Cultural Affairs
Individual Artist Fellowships, Los Angeles, CA

Public Image Ltd.
September 2006, by David Joselit

Radical Gestures: Feminism and Performance Art
in North America

McGill-Queen’s University Press (from catalogue)
2006 by Jayne Werk

Parallel Visions
Mandarin Gallery (from Catalogue)
2005, by Denise Spampinato

Girl’s Night Out
Orange County Museum of Art, CA
2003, by Elizabeth Armstrong, Irene Hoffman

Reframing Feminine Identity
Los Angeles Times
September 24 2003, by Christopher Knight

Angel of Histories
Sweeny Art Gallery, Univeristy of California, Riverside, CA
2000, by Vince Leo

Intersubject- and Intersubject-ivity in Dorit Cypis’s
Angel of Histories

2000, by Amelia Jones

Memorable Histories and Historic Memories
Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick, ME
(from catalogue)
1998, by Allison Ferris
Being In Pictures
October 22, 1998, by Marcus Miller

Fragments of human anatomy featured in show at Weisman
Star Tribune
July 26, 1996, by Mary Abbe

Dorit Cypis at Krannert Art Museum
New Art Examiner
January 1995, by K.M. Randolph

Haunting, powerful photographs at the Gardner Museum
The Boston Globe, Boston, MA
September 9 1993, by Stan Grossfield

The Naked Truth
St. Paul Pioneer Press, St. Paul, MN
October 1992, by Diana Helleckson

Projected Identities
Art in America (cover illustration)
November 1991, by David Joselit

The Body & The Bank: Pushing the Boundaries of Patronage
Art Papers
March-April 1991, by Nathan Braulick

Fleeting Phantoms (‘The Projected Image’)
March 28 1991, by Tony Reveau

Dorit Cypis: X-Rayed, (altered)
Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy, Richmond VA
1990, by Eleanor Heartney

Interview with Dorit Cypis
March 1990, by Vince Leo

Art and Politics: Beyond Mourning
Art in America
April 1990, by Calvin Reid

Art in the 90’s: A mixed prognosis
New Art Examiner
May 1990, by Elenor Heartney

The Body in Question
1990, by Mary-Charlotte Domandi

The Naked Nude
International Center of Photography, New York
1989, by Willis Hartshorn

The New American Filmaker Series: Exhibitions of Independent Film and Video
Whitney Museum of American Art
January 1988

Sexual Difference: Both Sides of the Camera
Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York
1988, by Abigail Solomon-Godeau

Utopia Post Utopia:
Configuration of Nature and Culture
in Recent Sculpture and Photography

The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (from Catalogue)
1988, by Elisabeth Sussman, David Joselit

Eluding Definition
December 1984, by Kate Linker

Real Life Magazine
Fall 1983, by Kathi Norklun