Archaeology of Conflict: Meet the Resistance

A workshop offered by Dorit Cypis
for people working with people.

Saturday July 22, 10AM – 4PM
Lunch @ Blossom Café nearby
970 N Broadway, Mezzanine 210 (my studio)
Los Angeles, California, 90012
Parking in lot belowFee: $150 – $200 (you choose)
Email for Info & Registration

Chronic conflict can shift sustainably when the systemic roots are unearthed. Archaeology of Conflict: Meet the Resistance digs deep to question, critique, and engage conflicted relations between and within people, between and within social systems. As an artist, educator, mediator and social activator I offer an integration of aesthetic, perceptual, communication and participatory skills to reveal roots of psychosocial impasse in order to foster generative change personally and socially. I invite you to join me.