Dorit_Cypis1Dorit Cypis
Can i be dropped from history?, 2013

Video: 30 sec (loop), iPad, aluminum frame, 12” x 18” blackboard
​Edition 2 + 1 AP; Video still

Can i be dropped from history? extends from an ongoing project The Life of Life, where I collaborated with a magician to create slight of hand tricks. In this iteration I collaborate with artist Peter Wu, who is the man in the video manipulating a prop blanket as he stands on the stage at The Chinese Communist Party headquarters – old neighbors of mine across from my studio in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Peter Wu created a response to this work with a video piece titled “Can ‘i’ be Dropped from History” (with Dorit Cypis) [Lateral], where I became the second gloved hand manipulating the central structure.