Children + Families Affected by US Immigration Law Enforcement

California Youth Connection
@ Children’s Institute Los Angeles
July 14, 2017

Dialogue Facilitators, Mediators Beyond Borders

An action oriented dialogue about how children and families are affected by American Immigration law enforcement. This meeting will include an intersection of socially conscious professionals from the private and public sectors working with the community to develop strategic public policy goals. The event is also an opportunity to update our selves on the role of technology, media, and public opinion in strengthening social movements. Please join us in rising above the heat and noise to reaffirm our home as a welcoming California.

Facilitated dialogue brought together city and countywide staff and advocates of child support agencies to develop public policy on youth immigration rights and protections. Key points to improve local public policy include:

  • Create safe spaces in local communities for children to express themselves and receive trauma support
  • Collect and disseminate undocumented child immigrant stories of passage to the USA
  • Educate undocumented immigrants of their rights and sanctuary support
  • Expand public awareness of family and child immigrant stories
  • Document and disseminate information on how undocumented immigrant people enrich American culture
  • Community dialogue events between documented and undocumented immigrants
  • Recognize that fear dominates perspective on all sides, anti and pro immigration status.