Conflict is human, so is moving past conflict. Conflict that is between people is also within people. To engage with conflict towards transformation and generative relations we must engage with both the internal and external circumstances of conflict.

This workshop takes a psychosocial approach to offer facilitators, community leaders and activists skills to recognize identity differences and bias awareness as cultural and personal, and offers tools to build creative relations across the differences.

Dorit Cypis is a professional artist, mediator and educator and has been exploring the topic of Identity and Social Relations with diverse audiences and individual clients for over 30 years, nationally and internationally, at universities and community organizations. Dorit is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, and many other awards, for this work.

There is no charge to attend this workshop. RSVP info@invla.org

Institute for Non Violence in Los Angeles

1000 N. Alameda Street, LA 90012, 2nd floor Conference Room C

When: February 14, 2015, 10AM to Noon, RSVP: info@invla.org

Website: www.invla.org