Who does the Party Select Program serve?

Anyone with an arts or entertainment related dispute who wishes to explore cost effective and efficient settlement options. The Party Select Panel provides members of the arts and entertainment sector with the opportunity to select an experienced mediator who specializes in arts and entertainment and is willing to offer three hours of mediation services at a reduced rate. By providing high-quality mediation services at exceptionally affordable rates, the Program aims to be the first option for resolving arts and entertainment related disputes.

How does it work?

Once parties agree to mediate through the AAMS party select program, the AAMS program coordinator will send a list of AAMS Party Select mediators to both parties. The parties will agree on at least 2 mediators and then rank them in order of preference. The parties will then communicate their selections to the AAMS program coordinator, and the AAMS program coordinator will notify the mediator and convene the session.

How much does it cost?

Parties who participate in the AAMS Party Select program will collectively be charged $200 per hour for the first three (3) hours of mediation time ($100 per party per hour).

The AAMS Program Coordinator will collect a $300.00 deposit from each party prior to the start of the mediation session.

Beyond three (3) hours, the parties may be charged for additional mediation time on an hourly basis at rates established by the mediator with written consent from the parties.

All parties will have notice of the mediator’s rates at the time of mediator selection.

Who are the mediators?

All mediators on the AAMS Party Select Program have at least five years of experience in arts and entertainment, have attended mediation certification training, meet annual continuing education requirements, and have served as a mediator on at minimum twenty (20) cases. The majority of party select panelists far exceed these minimum requirements. For a list of mediator biographies click HERE.

Who do I contact to get started? 

Contact Robyn Weinstein at:
or call (310) 998 – 5590.

More AAMS Party Select Information: 

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