framingmemories fFraming Memories I Never Had, 1998
Galerie UQAM, Universite de Quebec a Montreal

Multi image dissolve program, 32 minutes/repeat
3 slide projectors with tower/5’5”, 220 35mm slides, cloth
AVL Dove X relay, 3 track-stereo cassette deck, audio tape

Original soundtrack, Carl Stone
Multi-image programming, Bruce Clark
Computer animation, Pam Belding, Marie D’Aubreo

(originally developed for Qu’y a-t-il d’humain dans l’homme?, 1997,
Nourit Masson-Sekine, CineBal d’Aubette, Strasbourg, France

Framing Memories I Never Had is a perpetual projection machine projecting images of 7’ x 5’ against the wall it faces. The machine is installed at the artist’s height and cloaked in a chiffon cloth that radiates the dissolving lights from the projectors hidden under the cloth. A timed slide-projection-dissolve mechanism, 3 slide projectors, 220 35mm slides and sound utilize digital and analog technologies. The spiral image structure of the projected images contains 33 image phrases dissolving into and out of light and dark. Images recur in transmuted states recalling their past. The physicality of the motionless projection machine is in stark contrast to its animated projections.