Meeting the needs of Friends Western School

I offered several conflict coaching sessions for the president of the Board of Directors and a five-hour facilitation session for fifty parent members of the K-6 school cooperative, including the parent member Board of Directors. Parents came with complex and varied emotions related to an incident that had resulted in dismissal of a family from the school. A supportive environment was created for diverse expression and empathic listening. Concerns led to consideration of new school policy on communication, transparency, member participation and member code of conduct.

            Dorit Cypis helped our school through a very serious crisis. Parents and teachers felt angry, anxious, nervous, and heartbroken. At the end of the session they felt hopeful, grateful, appreciated, and heard. It was amazing to see how she maneuvered the emotions, twists, and turns of this five hour meeting, kept everyone on track, brought everyone back to a centered place, and honored feelings and emotions without letting these get destructive. To top it off, by the end of the meeting we had concrete outcomes and steps to continue to heal and move forward. To say she is brilliant is an understatement. Dorit is an angel. She saved our school!  

Patricia Wagonhurst, Parent member, Board of Directors, FWS

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