Leadership matters, because balancing the strength of having a vision with skills of eliciting expression from others brings everyone into the folds of a vision, sustaining the project for a collective and generative future.



Trust matters, because creative engagement between people cannot happen without trust, the fuel that propels engagement and change.




Transparency matters, because when information is shared confusion between parties is less likely ensuring that informed participants stay connected.


FE_LOGO_CHAIRS4Active Listening

Active Listening matters, because when each person is listened to and heard, diverse expression is fostered adding dimension to what the group is shaping together.



Reflection matters, because the capacity to reflect on one’s own bias, beliefs and social behavior permits critical assessment towards flexibility and adaptability.



Empathy matters, because when we recognize the experience of another outside of our self we also make space for difference, allowing for unforeseeable possibility.



Reciprocity matters, because reciprocity, exchanging skills with others, is of mutual benefit enriching the process and expanding everyone’s capacity.