Sightlines_fSightlines, 2006
Consider This…, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Octagonal room, exterior: wall paint, vinyl text, inkjet prints, 12 min DVD video
Interior: wall paint, 8 lightjet photographs 13”x26”, 4 pivoting mirrors 13”x26”,
18 min DVD video


Sightlines, is an immersive environment where the viewer becomes partner to cross-historical and cross-cultural variables. Along the outer walls of an octagonal room runs a circuitous 5-year time line describing the artist’s unfathomable journey documented by video, newspaper and magazine clippings, images from Chihuahua, Mexico, and Death Valley, California.

Within the octagonal room, painted clay brown, are photographs of life size clay heads of two Middle Eastern women, each with her gaze extending across the other and outside the frame of the photographs. Mirrors hang through the space capturing reflections of the photographic heads as well as those of the viewers, revealing the act of looking as interdependent. A slow 360 video pan of the clay brown landscape of Zabriski Point is presented on video.

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