The Artist and Her Archive, 2010

18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica, CA
October – December 2010

The Artist and Her Archive converted the gallery into an immersive research lab filled with text, image, prop and multi media details collected by the artist over the last 30+ years. Details included family objects from across the 20th century Europe, Palestine and North America, personal journals and photographs, collected fabrics, books, dried insects, as well as details from previous artworks. The artist spent three-months investigating her archive to discover connective portals of personal and political dimensions. Personal objects took on cultural and political meaning not previously recognized.

The public was invited in to witness the daily process as well as to ask questions of the artist, in fact it was this exchange with the public that often consolidated relationships between the collected details. This process culminated in public presentations where the artist performed the immersive archive as a labyrinth of personal, cultural and political histories that perplex and inspire.

Download: History Lesson (an arrangement)